Jerry Bramlett
Mobile, Alabama

Specializing in Repair / Restoration / Calibration of
1957-1965 Rochester Fuel Injection Systems

You can finally have it all -- a Rochester FI system that looks like new and runs properly too. Every unit is calibrated and test driven HARD before it leaves my shop. Your unit's performance matters just as much to me as its appearance.

This website was created to reduce the time I spend on the phone answering questions every week. Thus, I ask that at a minimum, you please read the "Services" and "Q&A" sections before attempting to contact me. You will be surprised at how many of your questions about FI have already been asked by previous callers.

WARNING: A 1957 - 1965 Rochester fuel injection system will not always work properly on a stock engine using modern pump gasoline. You must use undiluted 108 or 110 octane racing gasoline in your car after I calibrate your FI unit to get its best performance. If you're unable or unwilling to buy racing gas, please don't ask me to work on your FI system. I DO NOT WANT YOUR BUSINESS. I simply won't compromise my quality standards. Click here to read why.